Journalist team saves stolen dog by interviewing kidnapper

A person suspected of stealing a dog was spotted and interviewed by a television crew, allowing the owner of the animal to recover it. Arrested by the police, the kidnapper evokes a misunderstanding.

In Boston , in the state of Massachusetts (Northeastern United States), a stolen dog was returned to his family thanks to the invention of a team of journalists, as reported by the New York Post this Sunday 9 may.

Titus , a German Shorthaired Pointer, was in his master’s car when he was kidnapped. The 13-year-old dog was inside the vehicle parked near Memorial Drive , a road bordering the Charles River.

Her owner Greg Siesczkiewicz noticed her disappearance around 12:30 p.m. local time. He immediately launched a call for witnesses on Facebook and alerted the police.

Shortly after, Cambridge Police were able to obtain CCTV footage showing a man walking across the Boston University Bridge while holding Titus on a leash.

Cambridge Police Department

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As for Titus , he was handed over safely to Greg Siesczkiewicz , who thanked the journalists for their intervention.



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