A cat survives a big fall from a balcony, but knocks out the man he falls on! (Video)

Pets Ya / YouTube

While walking his dog, a man had the misfortune of finding himself on the spot where a cat fell from a balcony. If the feline can consider himself lucky, the passer-by having involuntarily saved his life, the latter had to be hospitalized.

This is an unusual video that the Pets Ya YouTube channel posted on August 17th. It shows a cat fallen on the head of a passer-by , who immediately collapsed.

The incident took place in Harbin , a city in northeast China’s Sahaliyan Ula province, according to The Independent . A local, by the name of Gao Fenghua , was walking quietly down the street walking his dog , a Golden Retriever , when something suddenly landed on his head . It was a cat. The poor feline had just fallen several meters from the balcony of an apartment that was just above the canine owner.

Luckily for the cat, Gao Fenghua unwittingly saved his life. Unfortunately for his savior, the shock instantly knocked him unconscious . His dog took a while to understand the situation, then chased the cat until he was cornered in front of the door of what appears to be a store. However, the canine seemed more willing to play with the feline, which was on his guard and shaken by his great leap, than to “avenge” his master.

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The British daily The Sun reports that Gao Fenghua had to be hospitalized for 23 days because he had been seriously injured in the neck . He is seen wearing a neck brace in the video. He would have, moreover, asked to be compensated by the owner of the cat.

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