14 photos of very studious cats and dogs

Cats and dogs can be very diligent. This is what we can see in these photos which show them in full concentration.

If we think that cats and dogs are only meant to play, eat and sleep all day, we are wrong. Pets have been seen busying themselves very seriously with the study of a file or a book.

Here are 14 photos of cats and dogs who are very studious.

1. He has just received a letter of the utmost importance that he must send to his boss urgently

2. This Dachshund is concentrating on his math lessons

3. As for this Akita Inu with crossed legs, he doesn’t really want to do his homework.

4. This cat comes closer to the document to read better because he forgot his glasses at home

5. This dog doesn’t have time to make a conversation, he has a lot of emails to read

6. The job interview is going pretty well so far. The Schnauzer is confident

7. Revising to 2 for exams can be a good idea

8. This dog has no homework to do, but would still like to supervise his friend doing his.

9. Music is everything for this cat

10. A long night of work that exhausted him

11. This cat is perfectly autonomous. He doesn’t need anyone to read his books

12. He thinks the felt-tip pen is poisonous and is doing his checks.

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13. The Lizard is not known for its pretty handwriting, but it does relatively well

14. The Hamster takes his break during work and does not even look at the computer screen.


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