Detection dog helps researcher save bumblebees by locating their nests

Jacqueline Staab

In the United States, a dog by the name of Darwin uses his remarkable flair to find the nests of pollinating insects, including underground shelters for bumblebees. This mission allows its owner, Jacqueline Staab, to gather a myriad of important information.

It’s not a scoop, pollinating insects are endangered. Destruction of their habitat and food sources, but also environmental toxicity greatly threatens their survival. Jacqueline Staab , researcher at Appalachian State University in North Carolina (United States), participates in their preservation. But she does not accomplish this task on her own.

Jacqueline Staab

The friend of the bees is accompanied by Darwin , a German shorthaired pointer. The 2-year-old dog has been trained to locate the nests of pollinators, such as those of bumblebees, using his nose. This operation turns out to be relatively difficult for humans.

Jacqueline Staab

Its owner experimented with several detection methods before finding out about a sniffer dog. It was while going through a scientific article, published in 2011, on how the British army trained dogs to sniff honeycombs, that she decided to adopt Darwin .

Jacqueline Staab

A dog who is not afraid of challenges

The canine came from a family of detection dogs, one of whom was in the New York City Police Department.

Darwin’s training began at the age of 6 months. It was taken care of by the Highland Canine Training dog training school. Today, he follows Jacqueline Staab on her adventures in the heart of nature.

Jacqueline Staab

Once Darwin finds a nest, he alerts the researcher, who records as much data as possible. “ Working with Darwin is really cool because he’s always super motivated, super positive and ready to go, ” she said.

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Jacqueline Staab

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