How do we stop his dog from running away?

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are between anxiety and anger. In the process of running away from home, when the dog comes back, his family has experienced all conceivable emotions. What can you do to stop his dog from running away? This is our suggestion.

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his hunting instinct prevails. He feels excluded from the heat. Dog’s anti Fugue necklace

your dog tends to run away from home and come back in a few hours? Before considering how to prevent this from happening, first determine the possible causes of this behavior. Only by understanding them can you find the right solution.

its hunting instinct has the upper hand of

. You can observe the trend of escape in several types of hounds. For example, among these dogs, a hunting instinct called


is still obvious. Therefore, once they have the opportunity, they will naturally start looking for prey. This is a problem faced by dog owners living in forest or rural areas.

early recall learning is essential for retrievers with escape tendency. When dealing with an adult, it’s also important to teach him, even if it takes longer. In this case, it may take several months.

the owner must also check the fence and property access to find defects and correct them to prevent further escape.

he feels excluded

If an animal feels excluded from a group, it will try to leave, even if it is only temporary.

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if a dog doesn’t feel involved in family life at home, if it feels neglected, it is more likely to escape. If the owner only takes her out for a walk or doesn’t take her out for a walk at all (especially for some homeowners with large gardens), the feeling of neglect will increase. The solution of


is to give her more time, Keep him interested and avoid his boredom during occupation. By increasing travel time, play time and collusion time, dogs will be happier and less willing to run away.


males have difficulty resisting the warm signals sent by females in their area. According to his intuition, he left home to join her and began mating.

in this case, castration or veterinary hormone treatment is necessary.

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dog’s anti-theft necklace

If these measures are not enough to prevent the dog from escaping, an anti escape necklace can be used. This is a device, mainly composed of a long antenna line and a radio transmitter, fixed on the animal’s necklace. Antenna lines were deployed and buried to delineate the extent to which dogs could evolve. Signals (sound and / or vibration) are given when the specified limits are approached. If the dog insists on approaching it, a small electrostatic discharge will make it stop.


and GPS devices, as well as their mobile applications, will alert the owner through their smartphone when the dog leaves.Approach or cross the border.

is a geographic positioning system

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