Video – A dog calls out and escorts the firefighters to help her trapped puppy with her head stuck in a cage

When she saw the firefighters arriving, a dog rushed to guide them to where her puppy was. The latter had his head trapped between the bars of a cage and was in desperate need of help. His mother did whatever it took to get him saved.

A mother is ready to do anything to help her offspring when they are in danger . This is precisely what a bitch did when the puppy was in bad shape.

The incident took place last May in Jinan , east China’s Shandong province, but the video only appeared recently. It was posted on November 30 on social networks, including the Chinese platform Weibo .

Realizing that his puppy had stuck his head between the bars of a cage , his owner called the fire department to help him. The mother of the little dog did not intend to sit idly by while waiting for the fire soldiers to arrive.

She went to meet them as soon as they approached, then started running past them to guide them to the location of her little one in distress, as reported by the Daily Mail . In the video, the dog can be clearly seen urging the firefighters to follow her and turning to them several times to make sure.

The rescuers therefore joined the puppy and first tried to remove the bars, without success. They then decided to cut the wire mesh using a bolt cutter. This time around, their strategy was successful . They managed to free the puppy’s head, to the relief of his master, but also and above all of his brave mother .

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Here is the sequence in question:


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