Towards an explosion in veterinary tariffs? A study suggests you prevent rather than cure!

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According to SantéVet, a specialist in pet insurance, looking after your dog or cat should cost much more in the future. A trend driven in particular by the increase in the number of veterinary clinics.

SantéVet is today the French leader in pet health insurance . Formerly called the Compagnie des Animaux , the Lyon- based company was founded by Jérôme Salord .

Called to speak on the subject of veterinary expenses , the latter predicted a sharp increase concerning them. He recalled that today, in France, dog owners spend 223 euros on average per year in veterinary costs. As for cat owners, they pay 174 euros per animal for its care, as reported by Midi Libre .

And if, under our skies, only 5% of dog and cat owners have taken out health insurance for their companions, the share is 7 times higher in Great Britain (35%). Why did you choose this country for the comparison? Because, according to Jérôme Salord , the network of veterinary clinics is following the British model in its evolution. He says, in fact, expect the number of private animal health centers to increase in France, especially in the form of chains , like what is happening on the other side of the country. Handle. However, these structures call on salaried veterinarians, hence the rise in prices .

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Remember that there are 2 types of expenses related to the health of the dog or any other pet: regular preventive care and curative care. The first correspond to vaccines , annual visits to the veterinarian , dental care , etc. The latter are inherent in diseases , accidents and other operations that can occur at any time in the life of the animal. Health insurance makes it possible to cover all or part of these heavy veterinary expenses, thus considerably reducing the budget allocated to it.

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