He stops everything to save a dog trapped by the current of a canal, his reaction is immediate! (video)

Said Zarate

In Mexico, seeing a puppy struggling in the water, a man did not hesitate to interrupt his work to rescue him.

A Mexican garbage collector by the name of Said Zarate has become a hero and his intervention has been praised in the media and social networks. Thanks to him, a dog who risked drowning was saved and returned to his family, as reported by The Dodo .

The scene in question took place last May. That day, Said Zarate and his colleagues were on their usual round of household waste collection. As they were passing through an agricultural area, the man saw something moving in the man-made canal . When he realized it was an animal in distress , he told the driver of the dump truck to stop.

Said Zarate immediately got out and rushed to the canal, where a young dog was indeed struggling to keep his head above the water. The garbage collector thought about taking an empty bag, hoping the canine would cling to it, but the canine was too tired after struggling with the current for a long time to do anything.

The man, however, was determined to save him. He managed to lure it closer to the edge of the canal and thus was able to intercept it and lift it out of the water . The puppy white and black dress he immediately expressed his gratitude by throwing himself into his arms and licking while vigorously wagging tail.

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The dog was, fortunately, in good health . It turned out he had a family . The latter lives on a farm near the canal. After staying a little while with Said Zarate and his colleagues, he ran home .

Shortly after, the owner of the quadruped, who saw the video of the rescue on the net, contacted the garbage collector to thank him .

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