After 18 years of loyalty to his family, this dog receives the most touching farewell gift

The time had come for Walnut to go away peacefully, he who had lived a long and happy life with a family that cherished him. The owner of this dog wanted a farewell full of happiness and emotion for the latter. For this, he had recourse to social networks.

Walnut was adored by his family, starting with his adopted daddy Mark Woods , with whom he had been inseparable for 18 long and beautiful years . Obviously, at such an advanced age , the state of health of this Whippet dog was not optimal. The quadruped even suffered more and more and his family had to make a painful decision: to help him to go away in good conditions. In other words, to have it euthanized .

With the vet , Mark Woods agreed on a date. For Walnut , his last moments in this world must be happy to the end , like the life he had led with his family. His master therefore had the idea of inviting people on Facebook to come to Walnut’s favorite beach , Porth Beach in this case (South West England), to accompany him on this final walk . This was to take place a few hours before the sad moment of farewell.

On the day of the meeting, at 9:30 a.m., and as Mark Woods and his family expected to see a handful of people, they were surprised and moved to find there were hundreds of them , as reported by The Dodo. .

Many of them even came with their dogs. Everyone wanted to support the Woods and give affection to Walnut , who was able to find his favorite spot, smell the salty air, admire the sea, receive hugs and even dip his paws in the water for the last time.

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Shortly before noon, the 18-year-old Whippet reached dog heaven. He was surrounded by his relatives and the other canines of the family: Monty , Nelson and Charlie .


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