15 pets that do everything they can to become their owners’ best friends

Our pets only live to have our attention and be the center of our interests. These photos show all the effort they put into making it happen.

The attachment that dogs and cats have for their owners is limitless. They would do anything to become their best friends. They are doing it quite well.

Here are 15 photos of cats and dogs that will stop at nothing to gain the attention of their owners.

1. By landing on its head, the cat hopes to become one with it

2. From time to time, this cat gives little reminders to its owner so that he does not forget his presence.

3. This cat has his own way of congratulating his human who just graduated as the best cat owner on the planet.

4. This dog’s expectations could not be clearer. He no longer leaves his master any choice but to put his work aside and play with him

5. These 2 kittens are not yet aware that the life of a human is made of other things than themselves, and they do not seek to know it

6. This dog is so protective of the new family member that he never takes his eyes off him.

7. This cat loves his owner so much that he decided he would make it his home. Here he is sleeping on his shoulder

8. With the help of his tiny paws, this kitten is begging for love

9. These 2 friends have no doubts about where they like to sleep best

10. With such beautiful eyes full of love, this Pitbull dog melts the heart of its owner

11. This cat does not care about all the space available in the house. He has his own landmarks

12. A cat who gives a very affectionate hug to his owner as a gesture of gratitude

13. This Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a great admirer of the person who took care of him from an early age.

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14. This Golden Retriever knows he will get a hug every time he adopts such an adorable attitude.

15. The beard of its owner is its nest


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