Open letter to the President of the Republic for the resumption of animal adoptions

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Dozens of personalities have signed an open letter to the Head of State asking him to lift the ban on animal adoptions in shelters, in force since the start of confinement.

Brigitte Bardot , Laurence Boccolini , Valérie Damidot , Michel Drucker , Rémy Gaillard , David Hallyday , Sylvie Rocard or Corinne Touzet are among the 36 personalities who signed a text addressed to Mr. Emmanuel Macron in order to avoid a wave of euthanasia in the pounds.

Actors, television presenters, singers and other famous figures have thus joined the call launched by the association Ethics For Animals , the Collectif Chats 100% Obligatory Sterilization , One Voice , L’Arche des Associations , Convergence Animaux Politique (CAP ), Solidarité Refuges and the Pattes Mauves Collective , in favor of the rapid resumption of animal adoptions in shelters . The latter have been suspended since the implementation of containment linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The main fear is, in fact, that the reception structures will reach saturation point and that the pounds will have to massively euthanize the unplaced animals.

The animals, collateral victims of the pandemic, could die by the thousands, euthanized en masse, because they cannot be entrusted to responsible families. […] Authorizing adoptions is saving animal lives! », We can read in the letter published on the Facebook page of Ethics For Animals , and addressed to the President of the Republic, as well as to the Ministers of the Interior and Agriculture.

It is suggested there to be inspired by the Belgian model , with the following provisions:

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  • Adoptions are by appointment after a telephone interview
  • Appointment spacing of at least 1 hour
  • Dating is prohibited for people over the age of 65
  • The 2 people present during the meeting, the representative of the shelter and the future adopter, are separated by a minimum distance of 1.5 meters
  • Before being brought together, these 2 people are required to wash their hands and wear a mask.

A petition has also been launched on the MesOpinions platform. To date, 81,000 signatures have been collected.

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