What can you give the dog?

Illustration : "Que peut-on donner à mâcher à un chien ?"

dogs like to chew and chew… But what can we give them without causing trouble? How can we please them without endangering them? Bones, toys, antlers? We will briefly introduce its existence and tell you its advantages and disadvantages.


what can you give its dog? Why buy these products? What’s the danger to my dog? What can we give his dog? Natural products: one of the most famous products of

is traditional bone marrow. Usually beef bones, hard and fragile. Avoid buying fresh bones directly from butchers because they are more fragile; Prefer those bones that have experienced drying, so they are stronger. Do not give bones to rabbits, chickens or other poultry because they are fragile and sharp and may cause severe indigestion.

natural products include pig ears, bovine nerves or a bandage. When dogs chew, they become soft and must be removed before ingestion.

also have compressed bones, such as pig skin and other animal by-products. Antlers are still little known to dog owners, but they are also a natural solution.

synthetic products:

category includes rope, plastic or rubber toys. There are many kinds of them, ranging from simple toys to products that combine usefulness and pleasure as part of dog dental hygiene.


have various forms, and most importantly, they are expensive. Take time to choose a product that is resistant to your dog’s teeth and chin, especially in case of severe dyspepsia. Do not swallow anything.

dental product:

. Yes, dogs can brush their teeth with something other than a toothbrush. The main products are chewable tablets, which have a variety of shapes and components. Take time to make your choice and let your dog test it: the slice should not be chewed and swallowed in a few seconds. The purpose is to let the dog chew and make the enzyme elements in the slice work in the mouth.

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whether natural food or synthetic toys, there are several reasons to buy these products: dental hygiene, jaw muscle development, strengthening puppy gums or reducing stress, not to mention fun! Obviously, your dog will like chewing, but the owner is also happy to see his dog happy.

no matter what you want to do with it, you can’t let your dog chew alone. It must be monitored to ensure that it does not ingest any debris; Only chewable tablets can be eaten, but be careful. After this brief relaxation, check your dog’s mouth to make sure it doesn’t hurt its gums, cheeks or tongue.

what’s the danger of my dog? The harm of

may be various, mainly in the case of improper selection or excessive use of chewing products Gum or tongue injury, broken teeth, foreign bodies in the digestive tract, secondary to most or all swallowingbone. It may clog the esophagus or enter the stomach, causing digestive diseases: vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, secondary to bone intake. These small, sharp bone fragments may damage the digestive mucosa and cause blood in vomiting or diarrhea. Any abnormal manifestations or symptoms of

should be consulted with the veterinarian. Some diseases require digestive surgery, which will be expensive and painful. So be vigilant, “


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