The dog who lived in a car in Brest was given to a foster family

France Bleu

While waiting for a lasting solution, the dog who lived all day in his owner’s car found a foster family. His mistress had explained to the police that she could no longer keep him with her because she had moved due to a separation.

This Tuesday we mentioned the case of Simba , a dog who had been living in his owner’s car since last November. The vehicle was parked on a former SNCF site, in the Guelmeur district in Brest (29).

Heard by the police , the owner had indicated that she had no other choice because in her new accommodation, where she had moved after separation, it was not possible for her to keep the animal. She made sure to give him enough to eat and drink, but the neighbors were increasingly worried . The dog did not appear to be sufficiently protected from the cold and exhibited, according to witnesses, aggressive behavior due to stress .

Several organizations, including the Brest association Les Alfredes , had been informed of this case. The town hall also. A letter had been sent, but to the address of the person in whose name Simba is microchipped , who is not his current mistress.

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However, a temporary solution has just been found, as reported by France Bleu . Through social networks, a foster family has, in fact, expressed its wish to take charge of the dog and finally retrieved it this Sunday (February 16).

It will now be a question of helping Simba’s mistress find another accommodation where she can once again have her by her side.

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