Canine abscess dermatitis


abscess dermatitis, also known as hot spot, is a very common skin inflammation in dogs.

abscess dermatitis is usually caused by animals themselves because of friction, licking or scratching. It usually affects dogs with long and thick fur and thick undercoat, especially in summer. These dogs include Labradors and golden retrievers, Berne shepherds and German shepherds.

type of septic dermatitis

can better understand what septic folliculitis is by decomposing the word: dermatitis refers to skin inflammation, The prefix Pyo – indicates pus entry, and the traumatic term indicates the origin of this condition, i.e. trauma.

septic dermatitis can appear as a small lesion that can develop to a large diameter within a few hours. We distinguish between two types:

purulent folliculitis: the inflammatory contour is clear. Therefore, the infection is superficial. Sepsis: the edge of the lesion is affected by pustules (caused by infection). In most cases, the damage caused by septic dermatitis caused by

is caused by itching caused by flea bite, food allergy or otitis externa. Otherwise, it is related to many factors:

bacterial infection breed (some dogs are prone to purulent dermatitis, such as Labrador or Golden Retriever) hair type (purulent dermatitis is more common in long haired dogs) Flea allergy is an anal sac disease, such as anal gland abscess

symptoms, and the symptoms of empyema dermatitis are easy to identify. We noticed that

plaques appear around the face, neck, tail and ears, with itching odor (due to injury). Excessive licking pain will lead to obvious signs of fatigue…

treatment of suppurative dermatitis must consult a veterinarian. The latter was analyzed to confirm the diagnosis. It shaves and cleans inflammation and first seeks treatment for the original cause. Finally, he applied a dry solution to the wound. In the most serious cases, he recommends antibiotics for up to 4 weeks.

preventive measure

in order to protect his dog from abscess dermatitis, it is necessary to

Do beauty once a day, apply pest control measures, formulate healthy eating habits for dogs, and often clean the dog’s position

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