Why could a license to keep all dog owners be a good idea?

In an interview with La Voix du Nord, a dog behaviorist said it was necessary, he said, for all dog owners to be subject to the requirement to obtain a license to keep.

The drama that recently took place in the Aisne, namely the death of Elisa Pilarski following dog bites (one or more, we still do not know), reopens the debate on the ability of masters to keep control over their animals. DNA test results have not yet been released and it is not known which of the victim’s hunting dogs , American Staffordshire Terrier or possibly even another dog are involved in the attack. In all cases, there were probably fatal bites and many specialists have spoken on this subject.

More or less serious accidents with dogs are often the result of inadequate or insufficient training of owners, according to the specialist. They also result from a lack of socialization and / or a stressful situation for the animal.

Eric Tramson evokes, moreover, what can push a dog to go on the attack, because the bite is generally only the ultimate expression of canine aggressiveness. In most cases, in fact, the dog will seek as a priority to flee or to dissuade what it considers to be an aggressor by showing its fangs, growling and barking. It’s only because he has no other choice that he starts to bite. “ There is always a trigger when a dog attacks a fellow or a human being, ” he explains. In other words, the dog never bites for no reason .

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In his interview, Mr. Tramson recalls that all dog owners must keep their pets on a leash in a public place and that they are responsible for it in the event of a problem. And what to do in the event of a bad encounter in the forest, for example, according to him? When faced with a threatening dog , he recommends holding a stick or anything that could “obstruct you and the animal ”. The goal is to focus your attention on that object and get it to attack it, instead of lashing out at you. As for the posture to adopt, immobility does not necessarily protect you from the attack if the dog is determined to take action; it will, whatever your attitude. Finally, he adds that you should always provide a first aid kit when walking your dog in the woods.


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