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Illustration : "Le langage corporel du chien" and

have no language. Dogs have their own way to communicate with you. This ability to communicate with human beings makes it more social and friendly than ever before. You also need to know your dog’s language. We help you decipher it.


dogs behave differently from ears to claws, He smells private parody speech cues growl, groan, howl, bark, your dog’s posture and their meaning, aggressive behavior, stress behavior, Worry about fear and aggressive behavior quiet behavior

it whispers, barks, growls, raises its tail or belittles it, it stretches out its claws… All these actions have a special meaning for your dog. You must understand them to adapt to their needs and needs.

dog’s different behavior

ears tilt forward, and your dog’s ears mean that he is quite focused. The more they bow forward, the more reassuring and confident your dog will be. He feels confident or under control. It can also be aggressive and challenging. If he pulls out his fangs, be careful, he may start to act.

extends his claws and raises

“when you raise your claws, your dog will attract your attention. Your dog may feel threatened. So this is a sign of fear. On the contrary, he can also put himself in a dominant position. This is a warning to the opposite person or other dogs. Hedgehog hair is usually accompanied by a straight head, a grunt, and sometimes a lateral position, all of which are to impress people.


when your dog lies on its back, there are several possible meanings:

if it also stretches its claws, This is a sign of obedience. This sometimes happens when two dogs meet or play together. Your dog made a mistake. He knew he might be scolded. Therefore, he will enter this position in advance. It’s a sign of submission. You shouldn’t punish him. Refuse to obey you. A self fulfilling gesture. Your dog was happy and decided to sit up. Wag his tail

“he wags his tail happily. This is a wrong statement. If your dog wags its tail, it may have several meanings:

your dog is afraid, worried and unable to control the situation. It means fear. Its tail bends between its hind legs. If your dog’s tail is high, it will show its superiority and dominance. Your dog is smelling. In this case, the tail will swing. The range of tail swing of

dog will also determine its emotional state. So you can define his excitement or relative calm. There are many explanations for this swing in the sense of your dog’s pain, stress or friendship.

for example, in front of you, The swing of the dog’s tail may mean the joy of seeing you – the tail swings very freely from left to right – just like the fear of your body – in this case, the tail is lifted very low and the swing range is very small.


and licking is a posture learned from childhood. Mother will lick her puppy to show her love. Lick gently with the puppy, for example, after being stubborn, the bitch licksHe stroked the dog’s abdomen hard to make it easier for them to pass and defecate. On the other hand, the dog licks his mother’s nose and tells her that he is hungry.

your dog can lick a peer to show his social relationship. One dog licked the other dog in groups to show obedience. In the street, dogs can lick each other to comfort themselves. It can also lick another dog to show its love.

when you feel stressed and anxious, your dog can also lick your face. He wants to comfort you and help you. In fact, this situation may be a sign of your whole body licking: hands, legs, arms… However, it is important to note that licking your face may be the cause of disease transmission, so be careful.

it smells private parts

and This way of communication is unique to them. Your dog needs to know who he’s dealing with. Their truffles can recognize thousands of odors. When you sniff the private parts of another dog, your dog will detect pheromones released by the anal gland; Two of them come from the anus and the other from the anus.


pheromones are chemicals secreted by organisms. They have no smell, such as the smell of fruits or flowers; However, the information they transmit can only be decrypted by other animals of the same species. For example, with pheromones, a dog can know whether his peers are feverish.

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. It is important for the two dogs to smell each other’s body parts during the first contact. There is a lot of information exchanged, which will contribute to the relationship between them. On the other hand, if they can’t smell each other for a long time, the lack of olfactory exploration may lead to aggressive behavior.

simulates sexual behavior,

and one of the main signs is simulated sexual behavior. Such simulations are rarely meaningful. In fact, many puppies kill them before they are sexually immature. In public, this brand is very meaningful – in wolves, only the dominant people have the right to show off in front of everyone. Therefore, it is important not to let your dog do this behavior. When he shows it, don’t interrupt him.

language prompts him to roar

and is a warning sign. An discomfort is occurring and its attitude towards dogs or people must be kept silent. Your dog may roar for many reasons: it delimits its territory and prohibits others from entering; it takes away a toy or game console and sees the threat of another toy or game console; it roars to express pain.


dogs do not roar to rule, But only for a variety of reasons. As a master, you must try to understand the evil expressed by your dog. You must stop moving with him, step back and think about the disadvantages of your dog. You can turn to behaviorists. If this warning does not seem to be understood, the dog may become more angry and may attack – stay alert. Growling indicates fear, fear, misunderstanding and even pain.


and “Illustration : "Le langage corporel du chien"1″ are like barking, which is an expression of your dog. Groans are caused by stress, boredom, loneliness, excitement or depression. Your dog groaned for your attention. This is a danger signal that needs to be taken seriously. You have to try.


groans may also be signs of dog pain. If you touch him and he moans, you are not far from where he suffers. Take it to your veterinarian.


and “Illustration : "Le langage corporel du chien"2″ your dog may scream like a wolf. Most importantly, it is a way of communication, even if dogs use it only occasionally in domestication. In fact, you brought him everything your dog needs. Some breeds, such as Husky, Beagle or Cocker, scream more easily than others. Like wolves, howling may be a sign of willingness to communicate with others (a bit like making a phone call) or express pain.


and “Illustration : "Le langage corporel du chien"3″ may be your dog’s favorite way of communication. Barks have many meanings according to their tone and frequency.

excitement and happiness correspond to sharper barks. If your dog threatens or shows aggression, it will threaten with a deafer bark. Your dog may bark because of boredom. You teach your dog to bark under certain circumstances. If he meets them, he barks by adjusting. Depression can lead to several barks in a row.

generally speaking, your dog barks to attract attention. It’s also a way to respond to another dog and build social connections. This may also be a problem. The goal is the same, communication.


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your dog’s posture and meaning aggressive behavior

your dog’s tail is tense and parallel to the ground. She trembled badly. Your dog basically rests on its front legs. His hair grew and his ears moved forward. Its dog rolls up, shows its fangs and can roar.

nervous behavior, worried about

, your dog’s tail is quite low. His whole body is down and his ears are back. Your dog’s cushion sweats, he gasps and groans.

fear and aggressive behavior

his tail bends between his hind legs. His hair has hardened and his fangs are clearly visible. Ears back. Your dog may become aggressive because of fear and bite.

quiet behavior

and have a low tail and look relaxed. Your dog has a high head, open mouth, open tongue and friendly eyes.

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