Senior dog escapes drowning thanks to fellow dog who tells him how to find dry land (Video)

An elderly dog who had fallen into the swimming pool of her masters was saved thanks to her fellow creature. The latter guided her towards the exit of the basin and helped to regain the mainland.

Luna and Caipirinha are two inseparable friends who literally adore each other. These bitches, who live in Sunchales in the province of Santa Fe (central-eastern Argentina), are ready for anything for each other. The recent rescue of Luna by Caipirinha , which was filmed by the video surveillance device installed in the garden, is magnificent proof of this.

As reported by The Dodo , their mistress Julieta Firpo was surprised to see Luna , 14 , come home totally soaked on December 19. The latter was not used to swimming alone in the pool . It was by viewing the images captured by the camera that she was able to understand what had happened.

The senior dog was walking by the pool when she accidentally fell there . Unable to get out of the water, she risked drowning at any moment. Fortunately, Caipirinha was not far away.

She flew to the aid of her friend. Worried about the latter, she gradually guided her towards the shallow end and the stairs of the swimming pool. She then helped her out of the water by pulling her by the collar .

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We saw the video and couldn’t believe our eyes,Julieta Firpo told The Dodo . Thanks to Caipirinha , Luna was safe and sound .

Their owner added that she was going to secure the pool to prevent further incidents like this.


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