Lady Gaga: 5 people arrested in the investigation into the armed robbery of her dogs

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2 months after the kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s dogs, which resulted in particular in the gunshot wound of the dog-sitter who walked them, 5 people were arrested by the police. Among them, the woman who had brought back the canines two days after the attack.

Los Angeles police arrested 5 individuals as part of their investigation into the theft of Lady Gaga’s dogs, as reported by BFMTV this Friday, April 30. In this attack, the 30-year-old dog walker was seriously injured by gunshot wounds.

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On February 24, Ryan Fischer was walking the 3 French Bulldogs of the New York singer and actress in West Hollywood ( Los Angeles ), when 2 young armed men attacked him. After shooting the young man, they left by car with 2 of the star’s dogs, Gustave and Koji . The 3 rd , a female called Miss Asia , had managed to escape, before being found shortly after.

Ryan Fischer had to be hospitalized. After believing he was out of the woods, he had to be admitted again to the hospital with respiratory complications, his lungs having been damaged in the attack.

As for the abducted dogs, they had been recovered on February 26 and brought back by a 50-year-old woman, while Lady Gaga had promised a reward of 500,000 dollars to anyone who brought her dogs back to her unharmed.

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3 suspects and 2 accomplices arrested

The 50-year-old in question is one of 5 people the Los Angeles police have just arrested. She is suspected of complicity with the attackers, since she would have been responsible for returning the dogs in order to recover the reward.

She would be linked to a second accomplice, who is none other than the father of one of the 3 other individuals arrested by the police for their involvement in the theft of canines and the attempted murder on Ryan Fischer . The latter are aged 18, 19 and 27, reveals the press release from George Gascon , the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

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