To make his grieving father smile, a child finds the best way!

How to relieve the pain of a man who has lost his dog? This is not obvious. The disappearance of a loved one is always difficult to manage. This father was fortunate to see his son reactive and full of ingenuity. His gift allowed him to better digest the sudden absence of his companion.

When her dog dies, it is often a heartbreak . A heart-breaker from which we must, as best we can, recover . Jasey Jentsch’s father is inconsolable . He shared the life of Bruce , a Boston Terrier, for over 12 years.

From his arrival from a shelter until his death a few weeks ago, the canine and the man have been linked by a mad love . An unwavering bond that endures despite Bruce’s disappearance. Except that the void left by his absence cannot be filled. “ Every morning they would sit together in the recliner and watch TV, ” Jasey tells The Dodo.

Bruce went blind two years ago. It only strengthened his love and confidence for his master. But since no being is eternal, Bruce is gone. Leaving in immeasurable pain the father of a distraught Jasey.It really hurt me ,” he admits. So an idea occurred to him.

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