Future assistance dog, he is offered to meet his favorite Disney characters

While continuing his training to become a service dog for people with reduced mobility, Elijah had a wonderful experience; his educator took him to Disneyland.

Ashley Wilt is a volunteer educator for Canine Companions for Independence , an American organization that trains service dogs to hand them over to people with reduced mobility .

Among the latter, Elijah , an adorable Labrador-Retriever who will turn 2 next May, will soon complete his training. Ashley Wilt has cared for him from a young age. In particular, she teaches him to adapt to new encounters and situations so that he keeps his calm and concentration no matter what. Apparently Elijah doesn’t have much progress to make in this area, he is so kind and affectionate he is.

This is how this dog of rare gentleness was able to meet his favorite Disney characters. Here it is especially with Pluto

Snow White

Winnie the Pooh

And on video with Cinderella

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When he is fully ready, Elijah will join his new family and thus help a person with disabilities to be more independent and safer . A great career is shaping up for this good boy …


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