A dog finds refuge in a car tire to escape its violent owners, an association takes charge of it!

In Greece, a dog abused by its former owners ended up being abandoned. Discovered by the owner of an auto garage, he was taken care of by a local association, which helped him regain his health and start a new life.

For Cooper , life was anything but a long, quiet river. This poor dog was not called that yet, his name having been given to him by his saviors . We do not know what his name was in the past, or indeed if these former owners had deigned to give him a name , given the treatment they had reserved for him.

As I Love My Dog So Much tells it, in fact, the daily life of this dog was a real ordeal . His masters neglected him completely, to the point of starving him . Their cruelty did not end there, as they would also have tried to cut off his ears , before abandoning him .

Left to himself, Cooper found refuge among a pile of tires behind a car garage. The owner of the premises tried to come to his aid, in particular by leaving him food and water , but the animal was too frightened to come out of its hiding place.

He then called the local association DAR ( Diasozo Animal Rescue ), based in Karditsa , Greece. The volunteers quickly arrived on the scene and one of them managed to convince the quadruped to come towards her , after taking the time to speak to her softly.

Once in the organization’s car , the dog threw himself on the meal that was waiting for him. It was clear that he was extremely hungry. He even started wagging his tail . Cooper was starting to feel safe for the first time in a long time.

He was taken to a veterinary clinic , where it was discovered that he suffered from scabies and that he was only 10 months old . The canine was kept for several days under observation, then returned to the DAR refuge. Besides the care, the volunteers gave him a lot of affection to help him regain confidence in humans .

Her skin healed and her hair grew back , revealing a beautiful white dress with tan markings. He also gained weight thanks to a suitable diet .

Better yet, Cooper has found a family . She lives in England. It was therefore more than 2000 km from the place where he had been saved that his new life began.

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