What is homeopathy for dogs?

Illustration : "Qu'est-ce que l'homéopathie pour chien ?"

homeopathy has existed for two centuries. It has critics in the scientific community because its effectiveness has not been officially confirmed. It also has its supporters, and its use has not weakened. In the past few years, this approach even seems to have renewed interest, as does most alternative and / or holistic treatments. Homeopathy also appears in the veterinary community, especially in dogs. More and more owners turn to it to treat their dog friends’ small problems. Kdspe


homeopathy and its three basic principles similarity principle infinitesimal law personalized dog care and homeopathy

homeopathy, It’s not just for humans. Dogs can also be taken care of through her. Let’s see… How

homeopathy and its three basic principles

homeopathy is attributed to a German doctor named Samuel Haneman. He conceptualized it at the end of the 18th century and based it on three basic principles: similarity, dilution and personalization.

according to Dr. hahneman,

similarity principle, triggering symptoms may also prevent the occurrence of symptoms or even cure symptoms. This is the law of similarity.

homeopathy should guide the body – including the dog’s body – to use its self-healing ability.

infinitesimal law

the second pillar of homeopathy is the infinitesimal law. In other words, the product is stirred, especially diluted to the extreme. The purpose of


is to make it as effective as possible without harm.

personalization “the third and last principle of”

“homeopathy is personalization. Each treatment must be adapted to the individual, which is a whole.

homeopathic solutions perform well in one person (in this case, a dog), but not necessarily in another person.

in all cases, Homeopathy cannot replace the treatment of serious diseases in dogs. They can supplement them and reduce their side effects.


are more used to treat small daily problems of dogs, such as irritation, insect bite, shock, vomiting, etc.

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. Here are some examples of homeopathy treating dogs:

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Nux vomit: This is a well-known treatment, Especially the parents of children who vomit in the car. In dogs, nux vomit can also prevent nausea, indigestion and diarrhea. Gelsemium: This homeopathic solution calms nervous or nervous dogs. Bees: in the case of insect bites or burns, bees relieve the pain of dogs by acting on inflammation and itching. Euphrates: a solution often used to treat eye irritation in dogs. Arsenic Album: used for respiratory diseases, food poisoning or systemic fatigue. This homeopathy has an insect repellent effect. It is also used to relieve the tension of dogs. Itching: stop itching. Arnica: used for muscle blows or pain (cramps, cramps).

is only a small part of many homeopathic care. Belladonna, Rhus toxitodendron, hepar sulfur, phosphorus or silica gel are also the most famous.

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