11 photos showcasing the beauty of Greyhounds

Greyhounds are one of the fastest and oldest breed of dogs. These photos illustrate its beauty.

The origins of the Greyhound, or English Greyhound, go back to Ancient Egypt. These athletic looking dogs are excellent hunters. In addition, they are able to run very fast and reach 70 km / h. Which makes it one of the fastest animal species. Ewelina Lesik is a photographer who decided to make this majestic breed known through her lens.

Here are 11 photos of Greyhound in all their glory, photographed by Ewelina Lesik .

1. English Greyhounds are very affectionate dogs.

2. They are gifted with great intelligence, which gives them such a deep and determined look

3. Greyhounds have a clear preference for outdoor spaces and nature, while appreciating indoor comfort and calm. A house with a garden will make them happy

4. The Greyhound is sociable with other dogs and animals, in accordance with what Lesik’s objective was able to capture from the meeting between these 2 animals.

5. They have no tendency to be aggressive and are very calm in nature.

6. The Greyhound loves warmth and nature, where he feels in his element.

7. They are hunting dogs who have a very pronounced instinct in this area.

8. Speed is one of the distinctive features of the Greyhound which runs at more than 70 km / h, coming behind the leopard which reaches 100 km / h.

9. Greyhounds enjoy the company of other dogs.

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10. He has a short coat that requires weekly brushing and occasional baths.

11. The Greyhound needs to exercise and run in order to thrive and in good health. His dietary needs meet these morphological specificities and his nature as a great runner


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