To reduce the suffering of his dog, he makes a custom cart!

Kaylee is an elderly dog with arthritis. Also, she can move around her house less and less. So, to face these difficulties, her master made her a cart on which she can lie down full length to continually benefit from the presence of her owners.

At 13 years old, Kaylee is still just as playful and happy about having a good time with her masters. But, her age doesn’t really leave her physically alone anymore. So much so that his arthritis worries him more and more.

May Kaylee be easier with the couple

Kaylee tries as best she can to follow her masters to her old house. At the cost of great pain manifested by shrill cries which did not leave Sara and her husband indifferent. The latter then had an idea to prevent his dog from being lonely in one room, while he and his wife are in another.

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Uninterrupted physical exercises

One more proof of the love that this couple has for their dog. Until the end, whatever may happen.


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