Excessive attachment of dogs

Illustration : "L'hyperattachement chez le chien"

dog “glue can”, you cry when you leave home or destroy things… Excessive attachment can make the daily life of animals and people who depend too much on them difficult.


How do primary and secondary over attachment manifest in dogs? What is the solution in the case of excessive dog attachment?

was originally associated with the mother. After weaning, the dog will be associated with other individuals in his life. Of course, his master or mistress, and his other family members. Dogs will give unlimited love and show unlimited loyalty to these people. Problems arise when this attachment is expressed in extreme ways and transformed into super attachment. In this case, we are facing a normal dog behavior disorder that must be corrected. Without it, it will only deteriorate over time and make animals more painful.

primary and secondary over attachment

when a dog is over dependent on one or more people, we call it over attachment.

however, two types of excessive attachment must be distinguished, one is primary and the other is secondary.

Primary hyperadhesion is usually well demonstrated after weaning, more specifically from puberty, about 5 to 6 months (later in large dogs). This form of super attachment is usually manifested in only one person. When separated from the latter, dogs will show anxiety related behaviors, such as irritability, barking, etc.

on the other hand, when trauma or fear leads to excessive attachment, this is called secondary. For example, it may be related to depression and overall anxiety. In addition, secondary hyperattachment can be manifested as attachment to multiple individuals. Therefore, action must be taken on the root cause rather than the attachment itself. How does the

dog’s super attachment behave?

when a dog has excessive attachment to a person, it will obviously feel very uncomfortable because it is deprived of company. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

animals become particularly upset when individuals are away. He began to bark and cry. It may also adopt a destructive attitude: it will chew and spoil all kinds of things, such as clothes, shoes, furniture, etc., preferably those that smell like the people it is attached to. He may also have cleaning accidents because he can’t control his


emotions. When the over attached person is present, the dog will follow her anywhere, including the bedroom and bathroom. He constantly seeks love and physical contact. On the other hand, some animals tend to become extremely protective and can’t tolerate others approaching their owners. What is the solution of

in the case of excessive dog attachment? The

solution exists and is mainly in the hands of the owner. He or she may feel guilty because he or she is involved in a process of re establishing distance, but he or she must remember that this is for BStart with the dog itself. Excessive attachment will make him unhappy. He must get rid of this attachment in order to gain independence and really thrive.


the most important thing is that a person must re control the expression of emotion and the time of communication. In other words, she must decide when to touch and play.

if he comes to ask for a hug, his master must “ignore” him until he turns and touches him. The gait of the game is the same. Only the owner starts and ends the training.


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also suggest canceling the start. In other words, we try to leave the dog at home alone. So leave, before you leave, gentle touch and sweet words will never end. Such rituals only exacerbate the anxiety of separation. When the dog revels to its owner, he also comes back; Instead of answering his request immediately, wait until he calms down, call him and stay together for a while.

you can even prohibit him from entering some parts of the house (bathroom, bedroom…) Help the dog get rid of this excessive attachment. “

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