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Bach’s flowers were developed by a British doctor and homeopathic doctor 80 years ago. Even today, although their effectiveness has not been scientifically proved, they are used for virtue, mainly affecting the mentality and morality of humans and pets. Yes, Dr. Bach’s flower elixir is also used to help dogs overcome the difficulties of causing negative emotions. Let’s see… What are Bach’s flowers? What can they treat on dogs?

did you use Bach’s flowers to improve your psychology? Have you ever thought about making your dog have fun? Let’s first review what’s going on, and then see how these flower elixirs help our four legged friends.

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) is the author of the famous flower elixir named after him. Specifically, they are preparations based on alcohol impregnation. The latter comes from 37 plants specially selected by Dr. Bach, plus rock water. Therefore, according to the method he developed, there are 38 kinds of flower elixirs.


Bach’s flowers are considered as remedies for the negative state he classified as seven families: fear, depression, lack of interest in the present, loneliness and hypersensitivity, Despair and excessive attention to others. The classification also includes 38 subfamilies of negative emotional states. The purpose is to fight against them and generate positive emotions through the flower elixir.


Bach flowers can be used alone or in combination. It is generally recommended not to mix more than 6 or 7 elixirs.

for example, Aspen is used to relieve anxiety, plumbago is used to enhance self-confidence, sunflower is used to eliminate fear, chestnut is used to relieve depression, or chloroanthin is used to enhance vitality.

what are they good for dogs?

in dogs, Bach flower is mainly used to alleviate behavioral disorders. The most common is that the flower elixir is diluted in water.

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dogs are vulnerable to fear and fear, such as fear and fear caused by sound (thunderstorm, fireworks, car engine, etc.) or individuals (people, veterinarians, peers, other animals). Bach flower can alleviate this fear and fear: Clematis, annual Heather, sunflower, wild apple, plum, Impatient.

for animals who are sad or depressed (abandoned, lonely, lost family members, etc.), it is recommended to use walnut trees, willows or umbrella birds.

are used to deal with the pressure caused by new and disturbing situations (such as moving), Walnut is the first choice.

for dogs that are not easy to accept in the process of learning and education, it is easy to distract and dissipate. It is recommended to use chestnut sprouts.

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for the treatment of dog osteoarthritis, Aggressive dogs can be calmed by a variety of Bach flowers: chicory, rock water, beech, husband’s warmth, Holly and vines to encourage letting go, and impatience, Holly and Verbena to calm anger.

all these solutions cannot replace behavioral therapy. Experts are still needed to determine the origin of the disease and take appropriate corrective measures. “

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