Every morning, the postman stops to give the dog an impatient hug.

Moose the dog has made a new friend in the postman. They have a daily ritual that both would not miss for the world.

Moose is a very nice Golden Retriever who lives in Grand Rapids , in the State of Michigan (Northern United States). The kind of dog who loves everyone and gives affection without counting to anyone who crosses his path, as The Dodo tells it. This is also what we can realize by browsing the Instagram account that Meghan Gruszynski , his owner, created for him. More than 3,200 subscribers follow the photos and videos that she regularly posts there.

One of them, recorded last January, reveals a most adorable scene , that of Moose’s meeting with the new mailman . The footage shows the dog sitting , waiting quietly and wagging his tail as the postman stops his vehicle and gets out of it to walk towards him. The man then begins to stroke and talk to Moose for a little while, before heading back to his van to resume his tour.

This moment full of tenderness then became a daily ritual , as shown in this other video posted a few days later:

Upon inquiring, Meghan Gruszynski discovered that this postman had recently lost her dog . He was very touched by the love Moose showed him, no doubt reminding him of the good times shared with his late 4-legged friend. Information makes these morning meetings even more precious and pleasant to see and review.


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