Every evening, this bitch shows up in front of a fast food restaurant, knowing that she will be generously welcomed.

Sally never misses her nightly rendezvous in front of the Subway restaurant. She knows that the employees will provide her with a meal and fresh water. In the community, everyone tries to help the dog, who seems to prefer street life.

It was a user of the Tik Tok app, calling himself Kxnuko , who made Sally famous. He has, in fact, filmed his arrival, which has become routine in the restaurant where he works, and the short video thus obtained did not take long to become viral , in particular on the social network Twitter .

As reported by The Dodo , this adorable stray dog shows up every night, without exception, in front of the door of the fast food restaurant of the Subway chain, in Portales in the state of New Mexico (southwestern United States) . By the time she arrives, the last customers have already left the premises and the staff are starting to put away the equipment before closing.

While she waits quietly seated, Kxnuko or a colleague prepares her a meal , usually consisting of slices of ham and bacon . He also gives him cool water .

But when, for one reason or another, the Subway team is slow to serve her , the bitch has a plan B ; she crosses the street to get to the Taco Bell opposite, where she is greeted just as kindly .

In fact, in the neighborhood, everyone is taking care of what is now known as Subway Sally . To the point that some people who commented on Kxnuko’s publication doubted her status as a stray dog, thinking that she did have a family, but that it was out of sheer gluttony that she acted in this way. They noted that her dress was too clean for an animal living in the street . The impeccable state of her hair, the dog owes it to a local florist , who gives her baths regularly.

Several local residents tried to collect her , but she managed to escape them each time. She seems to prefer the life she is currently leading.

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Kxnuko indicates, moreover, that since working in this Subway , Sally has given birth to at least 4 litters. He thinks the brave mother has a safe place to sleep and care for her offspring.


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