Belcando de Bewital: carefully selected ingredients for dog nutrition

Focusing as much on the quality of ingredients as on innovative processes, the Belcando brand offers balanced and tasty dog food.

The quality of the diet that we give our dog greatly determines his state of health and well-being . It also plays a major role in its longevity and vitality .

A German family business created in 1963, Bewital strives to offer first – rate pet food, focusing on the freshness of food , its nutritional value and balanced intake .

With her brand Belcando , she applies a holistic approach to the design of her dog recipes. Everything is done to maintain the quality at the highest level . In its ultra-modern production facilities, it uses innovative processes which make it possible in particular to avoid pre-drying , and thus to preserve the freshness of the ingredients.

Handpicked ingredients adapted to the specific needs of the dog

The ingredients, in fact, are chosen with great care to retain only the best and those that meet the needs of each dog.

Belcando is betting on quality meat. Moreover, special mention for the Belcando Mastercraft range which uses 80% fresh meat to replace the meat flour usually present in croquettes. It ranges from turkey to rabbit, including lamb, beef or duck. Most of these products provide 10% more protein and offer optimal digestibility . Due to their low bone content, they are also low in ash .

The foods of marine origin selected by Belcando to produce croquettes and fresh bags for dog have a high nutritional value. Salmon, krill and ocean fish are naturally rich in proteins, minerals, trace elements and vitamins , which are at the service of dog health.

Grape seed flour , chia seeds , brewer’s yeast and hulled oat grains provide excellent supplies of antioxidants , omega 3 and 6 fatty acids , fiber and vitamins.

Another advantage of the Belcando petfood is the presence of amaranth , which replaces cereals . It differs from the latter by the fact that it does not contain gluten , while being very nutritious and digestible.

Based on its ingredients, Belcando offers superior quality food for all types of dogs : young, adult, senior , overweight and sensitive. </p

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