Couple adopts unsociable Pitbull from shabby shelter and teaches him love to save him!

Today’s Zelus has little to do with the one it was last September, when a couple decided to save this dog. Constantly on his guard and in pain in the past, he became a healthy, happy and loving companion thanks to those people who believed in him.

When Amanda and Tanner learned that a Pitbull only had one day to live , they decided to rescue him from his fate , despite the difficulty of the task .

As the Animal Channel recounts, this dog called Zelus was particularly aggressive , so no one wanted to adopt him from the pound where he lived. He was also very thin . The time for his euthanasia was fast approaching, but the quadruped was saved at the last minute by the couple.

It was a question of welcoming him on a temporary basis to rehabilitate him and allow him, subsequently, to be adopted by another family.

At home, Zelus’ behavior was as hostile as ever . He regularly showed his fangs and chattered his teeth . Although intimidated at times, Amanda and Tanner never doubted their ability to get him back on track.

They worked hard and for many weeks to make him understand that he was now loved and that he had nothing more to fear .

Thanks to an adapted diet , the canine gained 7 kg in the space of 2 weeks. His health improved along with his attitude . He was gradually lowering his guard and even making friends among the other dogs the couple welcomed.

From an aggressive dog and not trusting anyone , Zelus has turned into a companion overflowing with affection .

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So when the time came to find her a definitive family , Amanda and Tanner made a decision they had vowed not to make at the outset. They have, in effect, chosen to adopt Zelus themselves. The bonds they had forged with him were so strong that they couldn’t let him go.

Here is his story and his incredible transformation in video :


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