Tired of his mistress’s homework, this dog doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket when it comes to making him understand that he wants attention! (Video)

Maggie the bitch has a funny way of getting the mistress’s attention when she thinks she’s ignoring her. She does so preferably when the latter has something important to do.

Maggie is a Patou bitch . Needless to say, therefore, that she is tall . Very large, even. However, in her head, she still thinks she is a tiny puppy who can afford to hop on her mistress’s lap and stay glued to her all the time, as The Dodo recounts.

Abby Mootz isn’t complaining, but this student would love to be able to focus on her homework every now and then, without being distracted by her Pyrenean mountain bitch.

Recently, while working on a project as part of her studies, Maggie came to see her, as usual. “ I stroked her, then tried to get back to work. She then decided that the keyboard was a good place to lay your head ”. Of course, the dog also leaked language, which supported by accident on one of the keys of the keyboard. A long and incomprehensible series of letters was thus invited on the text that his mistress was to send. Fortunately, she realized it in time


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