Herbal medicine for strengthening dog’s natural defense

Illustration : "La phytothérapie pour renforcer les défenses naturelles du chien"

immune system provides defense for the dog’s body, but who will support it? Herbs can bring him many benefits. Some plants are unique in their therapeutic properties, which can fight infection and generally improve the immunity of dogs.


what is the immune system of dogs? What plants can support a dog’s natural defense? Ravintsara Echinacea thyme thyme licorice Astragalus

herbal medicine treats a variety of diseases and diseases in dogs. It also helps its natural defense. What is the immune system of


, known as the immune system or natural defense system, is all the mechanisms used to protect the body. This principle is the same in humans and dogs.


are the dog’s natural defense system, which is responsible for distinguishing the body cells that need to be protected from foreign elements. They may be parasites, viruses or bacteria. Once detected, the immune system will destroy them by producing antibodies and using white blood cells.


if weakened, the dog’s immune system will make the dog’s body vulnerable to various infections and diseases. Autumn and winter often put pressure on him. Cold, temperature difference (indoor and outdoor) and enclosure (conducive to virus transmission) prepare for infectious diseases, and natural defense systems are dealing with these diseases.

therefore, it is very important to support their work. In order to strengthen the dog’s immune system, some plants have very special and interesting therapeutic effects.

what plants support the dog’s natural defense?

herbal medicine provides a variety of solutions to support the dog’s natural defense. Below are some allies of anti infection sovereign plants and dog immune system.

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, whose leaves or essential oils are directly used in herbal medicine and aromatherapy. This plant has the characteristics of antiviral and expectorant. It is used to stimulate the dog’s natural defense, where it can fight various viral infections. Nasopharyngitis and bronchitis are one of them. It may even help control kennel coughing.


is traditionally used by American Indians to treat themselves, and then used by European settlers who settled in the American continent. Echinacea contains antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances. It can be used to treat dogs’ colds. Echinacea plays a role in the case of respiratory tract infection.

thyme to thymol

thyme to thymol essential oil can strengthen the body and reduce physical fatigue. It can also fight mental fatigue. Anti infection, this plant strengthens the dog’s immune system and cleans the respiratory and digestive tract.


the core of licorice root is glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhizic acid. They are terrible opponents of various viruses. Experiments in the late 1980s showed that licoriceIntravenous injection) can stimulate the production of T lymphocytes, immune cells and antiviral proteins (called interferon). Kdspe

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Astragalus for the treatment of dog osteoarthritis. Some of them are used for medicinal purposes, including Astragalus. Astragalus stimulates natural defense, especially in sick, recovering or old dogs. Experiments in 2006 and 2007 showed that it can stimulate the production of immune cells

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