A young girl escapes a sexual predator known to the police thanks to the smell of a police dog!

Thanks to the intervention of a police dog, a teenage girl was found just in time, before her kidnapper abused her. The latter was arrested.

On September 9, a mother had reported to the police the disappearance of her daughter , in Saint Petersburg in Russia, as reported by Sputnik who quotes the General Directorate of the Russian Ministry of the Interior in Saint Petersburg and in the Leningrad region.

The 15-year-old had in fact just been kidnapped by a repeat criminal, who threatened her with a kitchen knife. He intended to rape her , but his dark designs were thwarted by a police dog .

The brave quadruped, in fact, launched on his trail after sniffing the clothes of the victim. This is how he managed to lead the police officers to an abandoned house in Lomonosov , about 30 km west of St. Petersburg .

Their intervention prevented the 36-year-old from taking action and the young girl was saved .

The police have opened an investigation and the defendant will be kept in detention pending his actions in court.

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The dog who made it possible to arrest and rescue the teenager can be proud of him . His fellow police officers too. He largely belongs in this list of 10 police dogs who put an end to the abuses of dangerous criminals.


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