Learning about dog training remotely is now possible with Canidélite online training

Illustration : "S’initier à l’éducation canine à distance, c’est désormais possible avec les formations en ligne Canidélite" Illustration photo

What if you learned the basics of dog education and behavior without moving from home? This is what Canidélite offers with its online training.”

You obviously can’t educate a puppy or dog from a distance. On the other hand, the master can quite be educated by this means. Expert in canine behavior, Chloé Fesch has been proving this for years by sharing her knowledge via dozens of videos on the YouTube platform.”

However, she wanted to go further in this process by launching the Canidelite online training courses. The idea is to allow animal enthusiasts, individuals and professionals, to be introduced to the knowledge and techniques of education according to a positive approach.”

For this, Canidélite provides them with varied and multi-media content: videos, downloadable PDF files, infographics… All thought and explained by professionals from the canine and feline worlds.”

Canidélite is indeed aimed at lovers of dogs, but also cats, since the program benefits from the collaboration of Sandie Decoriat, educator.”

New trainings are offered every 2 months so that users can acquire constantly renewed and updated skills.”

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Among the training already available with Canélide: 10 activities to stimulate his dog, the prerequisites for the education, education and behavior of the puppy, the cohabitation between dog and cat, learn and pass the recall, basic notions and knowledge about dog learning.”

Thanks to the expertise developed by the Canidélite team, more than 250 trainees have been trained as behavioral canine educators since 2012.”

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