Petsafe presents its new range of accessories for dogs and cats

Smart toys, connected kibble dispenser, self-cleaning litter box… The new Petsafe products will appeal to dogs and cats as well as to their owners.

The Petsafe brand has launched a new range of accessories for dogs and cats . Products under the double sign of interactivity and connectivity to guarantee the well-being of your companions while making your life easier.

On the leisure side, Petsafe notably offers the Ricochet dog toy , 2 balls that squeak alternately ; when your pet plays with one, the other will start making a sound to stimulate it further. What to occupy and amuse him for a very long time.

Also for canines, discover the Ribinator for chewing . Ultra resistant , it is covered with rubber and nylon and can contain chew sticks or treats . Ribinator is available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

As for the Peek-a-Bird toy, which is aimed at cats , it is equipped with a motion detector and a feather which shakes and comes out in turn through one of the 2 openings .

In the food department , Petsafe is innovating with Smart Feed , a connected kibble dispenser that you can control and configure from your smartphone . You will be able to program up to 12 meals , receive notifications when the bowl is empty or even activate the slow distribution option if your dog is the type to eat a little too quickly .

Just as practical is the new Drinkwell water cooler. Available in 1.8 and 3.7 liter versions, it allows you to make sure that your dog or cat is properly hydrated thanks to its continuous jet and its carbon filter guaranteeing optimal water quality.

Finally, when it comes to cat cleanliness , Petsafe is launching 2 litter box models designed to make your daily life easier. The Crystal Deluxe is compact and perfectly suited to crystal litter which effectively neutralizes odors , without forgetting its anti-fingerprint grid which prevents litter from being spattered outside.

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For its part, the SimplyClean is a self-cleaning litter box; its motor automatically takes care of filtering the substrate and eliminating the droppings every half hour.

The new Petsafe range also includes spray education collars , cat flaps that only open by detecting your cat’s chip, and a chew bone incorporating treat rings, among other innovative products. </p

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