How to feed his dog on the wahad diet?

Illustration : "Comment nourrir son chien avec le régime Volhard ?"

are you sure that the wahad diet is what your dog needs and have you discussed it with the veterinarian? So you want to implement it, but you don’t know what to do? We explained the main rules to help you.


Volhard dog food is made of? How to apply Volhard scheme? Walhard diet: overview of walhard’s

dog diet. Walhard diet has no commitment to the health and well-being of dogs. In order for dogs to benefit from it, it is important to choose the right ingredients and follow the dose. What is the composition of

Volhard dog food?

Jack and Wendy Volhard are famous for their expertise in dog behavior and dog keeping.

Wendy Volhard is best known for the dog food she developed and named. It was officially established in 1984 and developed on several generations of dogs. According to her, it restores the health of sick animals, and healthy animals benefit from better welfare.

was originally inspired by the works of Juliette of bairacli levy. She is a natural trimmer, Wendy Volhard has created a feeding method for dogs that mainly depends on natural ingredients.

Volhard diet promises to bring a variety of benefits to dogs: reducing digestion problems, improving overall health, improving hair quality and reducing stool volume

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Wahad’s diet gives priority to animal protein and good fat, while reducing the use of carbohydrates.

in its main principles, he recommends that dogs eat two meals a day: one in the morning and one in the evening. Lasting for 6 days; The seventh day of the week is a partial fast. In fact, it only provides breakfast.

forms the dog’s diet according to the Volhard diet

. The first meal of the day does not include meat products. It consists of a teaspoon of

safflower oil: it is extracted from the safflower seed of the dye factory and looks like a thistle. 100 mg vitamin C 25 mg vitamin B 100 IU vitamin E 1 teaspoon molasses 1 handful of cereal (millet, oats, buckwheat or wheat) natural yogurt (one quarter is enough) or probiotic kefir vegetables (boiled)

dinner diet

second dinner, provided to dogs in the evening, Its composition is as follows:


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200g raw meat and liver, a teaspoon safflower oil, a teaspoon molasses bone meal (never whole bone), natural yogurt (a quarter is enough) or probiotic kefir vegetables (cooking) fresh herbs (leek, parsley…) half a teaspoon apple vinegar and a teaspoon fruit

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