What are canicros’s seat belt options?

The practice of Illustration : "Quel harnais choisir pour le canicross ?" and

canines is regulated. It’s not a matter of running freely with your dog. You must have a belt or shoulder strap. These two accessories must be connected to your animal through a line. Your people will wear seat belts. What seat belt does your dog need? What features need to be considered? Is there anything better than others? How can I settle her down?


why is it not allowed to use seat belts instead of necklaces? Which seat belt to choose? Famous harness, but prohibit the best harness. How to install the harness? what is the price? In short, why not wear a seat belt instead of a necklace?

canines need suitable materials. You should also protect your dog and make sure he gets the most comfort during exercise. Therefore, in addition to choosing the route according to the weather and current shape, you also need to install a material suitable for your dog’s shape, which will not cause skin itching or excessive friction.

Anyway, you must choose a seat belt instead of a traditional necklace. The reason is very simple. It is forbidden to wear necklaces. He may hurt your dog or even strangle it. It is not easy for

to select the correct harness. The market is expanding rapidly. There are many options. The real traction belt is only installed at the middle or bottom of your pet’s back, not at the top. It must be

to suit the size and shape of your dog. Your dog should not feel too tight or float inside. Your dog should not feel uncomfortable breathing, and your shoulders should be clean. The harness must be secure. Joints shall not tear when pulled. Clips are not recommended because they are too fragile. The best material is nylon, which can often withstand time and repeated washing.

has many brands in the market. You must give priority to traction or multi harness that can be adjusted according to the output strength.

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Julius K9 seat belt is prohibited, although it is well known. If it is very popular, it is mainly because of its good design. If it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at rest, it will stimulate the dog’s belt. The belt has good resistance (nylon) and leads to tendinitis. Therefore, this kind of seat belt is not suitable for practicing canines.

the best seat belt

manmat’s x-back seat belt is very popular. Even if you can find dogwear, zero DC, I-Dog or inland

at any time, it is not suitable for all dogs. In fact, both large and small breeds, as well as compact dogs, will not feel comfortable indoors. Instead, it is recommended for Northern dogs, shepherds and hounds. As the name suggests, the shape of the belt on the dog’s back is “X”. In this way, perfect traction distribution can be achieved. For all traction movements.

seat belts to avoid

avoid t-belts that are particularly difficult for your dog’s joints and exert pressure on his shoulders.

how to install seat belts?

a seat belt is usually easy to wear. In most cases, you must start with your dog’s head and tie it to the abdomen or back. Anyway, every har

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