A passerby discovers a dog thrown in the garbage in a metal box, his gesture will change his life!

Not content with having totally neglected him, the person who wanted to get rid of Bowie had also thrown him in the garbage. Fortunately, this dog was discovered just in time to be rescued.

In Kansas, state in the US Midwest, a volunteer at the local association Wichita Pet Action League had heard a noise coming from a garbage can. When she approached, she was shocked to see that a dog had been thrown into it , Animal Channel reports.

The animal in question, an American Bully ( American Staffordshire Terrier or Pitbull and English Bulldog cross), was locked in a cage and had only skin on its bones . In shock, the lady hastened to get him out of there to help him.

Sarah Coffman , founder of the Wichita Animal Action League , came to see him as soon as she heard about it. She says the poor canine was so exhausted and desperate that he laid his head on her, realizing that he was now in good hands . The dog, who was called Bowie , was uncommonly gentle despite what he had just gone through.

However, he had to be hospitalized for a week , so bad was he. He was then entrusted to a foster family for a fortnight. The Bully has gradually gained strength and weight .

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Since joining his new family , Bowie , who couldn’t even walk when he was rescued, has n’t stopped running . He has never been happier in his life. His adventures are followed by more than 6,000 followers on Instagram .


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