20 photos of Australian Cattle Dogs, an active and intelligent dog breed

The Australian Cattle Dog has countless qualities that make it a perfect ally for its adoptive family. These photos will prove it.

Among the liveliest and most intelligent dogs is the Australian Cattle Dog, which has many other qualities as well. Indeed, this dog with the strong build is an excellent watchdog who does not lack gentleness towards his family and children. So many qualities that make it a very good pet.

Here are 20 pictures of Australian Cattle Dogs.

1. The photo of a WWII soldier with his Australian Cattle Dog

2. A puppy with a very crisp face looking at his owner’s face

3. Large and erect ears to better hear what is whispering

4. Strolling is another strong point of this very active breed.

5. Australian Cattle Dogs are always ready to go on an adventure and want more

6. Large green spaces are very popular with this dog breed accustomed to nature.

7. Their gaze denotes a lively mind and a nature full of energy.

8. They will greatly enjoy hikes and long walks as they have a great need to exercise.

9. An Australian Bouvier puppy who tries to overcome the obstacles for babies installed all over the house

10. A speckled dress and a piercing gaze

11. Australian Cattle Dogs enjoy life in a house with a garden better.

12. They are very sociable by nature and also enjoy the company of other animals.

13. He smells of the barbecue being prepared

14. A moment of rest in the shade

15. Hiking is no problem for him as long as he has his own folding chair.

16. As they age, they retain their liveliness and vigor

17. These tall trees as tall as the sky amuse him a lot.

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18. A puppy ready to give you a paw

19. These 2 friends, them, discreetly hold each other’s paw

20. Caresses are never refused when they come from their owner.


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