Dog picks up family’s belongings after car accident and waits for them to return

A dog collects the things her family lost in a traffic accident. She remains for weeks to wait for them.

In Tennessee, Wilkies Meyers was driving his car when she saw a dog by the side of the road . Being a member of Love Me Tender Animal Rescue , she was able to guess that the dog was not a stray and that she had a family. She took her home.

Meyers wanted to understand what had caused this Rottweiler to find herself alone on the side of the highway. She then decides to return to the place where she had found her. She follows the bitch who takes her to a pile of things she had tried to pick up . There were also pieces of glass . Meyers recalled that there had been an accident there 2 weeks ago. So she understood that it was the business of the injured dog’s family.

The dog had collected the objects belonging to her family which had scattered at the time of the accident. She had put them to safety and stood there waiting for their return .

On one of the props on the floor, the first name Michelle was engraved. When Meyers called the police for information about the crash, she expected to learn that the victims had all lost their lives and that the dog was an orphan.

But she was told everyone survived, including a passenger named Michelle. Meyers was thrilled with the good news, reports Animal Channel .

After contacting the family, Meyers learns that the cost of their accident had forced them to stay in a place that did not accept pets. They were relieved to learn that Meyers would be more than happy to take care of the dog, Ella , until everything worked out for the family.

Ella is now pampered in the home of Meyers who takes her to visit her former owners as many times as possible.


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