17 portraits of pets sublimated by the sepia effect

A photographer tries out the sepia filter to reveal the beauty of our pets. This selection of photos of his creation offers an overview.

Kasia Doroszkiewicz has been practicing photography for years. She recently tried her hand at wildlife photography under a sepia filter. Dogs, cats and rodents then take on a very serene air.

Here are 17 photos of pets sublimated by the sepia filter, signed by Kasia Doroszkiewicz .

1. The touching gaze of a dog who knows he is confident

2. A Golden Retriever catching his stick on the first try

3. A touching portrait of a dog with a big heart

4. Flowers are always cheerful in nature-loving dogs

5. Adorned with the most beautiful ornaments of nature

6. Dogs will always catch up with sticks, no matter how big they are.

7. A mouse coming out of its magic box

8. Water refreshes in this hot season

9. It’s also a great fun this dog indulges in

10. A field of wheat and a dog with a golden coat under a sepia filter

11. A dog looking into the distance

12. Now is the time for treats for this greedy rodent

13. A small wooden box to rest while being connected to nature

14. This dog loves to have his picture taken

15. How he enjoys rolling around in the fields

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16. This dog seems to be observant of nature and what it is made of.

17. A photogenic dog who will have enjoyed his day in nature


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