These 19 dogs looking through the fence wish to say hello!

Dogs know how to maintain good relations with the neighborhood. As can be seen in these photos.

Some dogs love to be called upon and greeted. That’s why, apart from the hugs of their family members, they also look to the neighbors for more. They are seen pointing the tip of their snouts through the fence every day, so that passers-by say hello to them.

Here are 19 photos of dogs who like to be greeted with a hello

1. This dog has just moved in and he wants to introduce himself to his new neighbors

2. The Bichon which appears every morning through the green door

3. Always faithful to his post as soon as the sun rises

4. Although access is not very convenient, this dog does its best to communicate with passers-by.

5. We can be sure to always find these 2 there at the fence during rush hour

6. Although he is not very tall, he never fails to say hello to his neighbors

7. This dog adores all his neighbors alike and puts them all in a good mood early in the morning.

8. By getting out of the door, he can both be greeted warmly by passers-by and enjoy the breeze.

9. A Husky lying on his back to make it easier for passers-by to caress under the chin

10. Every morning, a small white head appears low to the ground

11. The neighborhood’s most popular Dalmatian

12. His enthusiasm has something to put in a good mood

13. Who could forget to say hello to this adorable dog?

14. He leans on the fence to be sure that we see him well and that we think of coming to see him.

15. Good relations between neighbors also concern their dogs

16. With such a crisp boil, this dog is the neighborhood darling

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17. Look who goes there

18. Could it be the muzzle of the neighbor’s dog trying to tell us something?

19. We couldn’t be more enthusiastic


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