Read his dog’s croquet composition

Illustration : "Lire la composition des croquettes de son chien"

if you don’t have rich experience in this field, you may get lost when choosing dog biscuits. This work may prove confusing between a wide range of product choices and the difficulty of deciphering certain components. However, to make the right choice, you must know how to read the dog’s croquet works. It will be much easier when you get some basic knowledge. We can help you…

executive summary

special biscuit ingredient sequence protein quality mineral content and its distribution carbohydrate

facing the impressive number of dog biscuit brands and different product lines, Choosing the right product for your pet is not easy for pregnant bitches, puppies or sterilized animals. In addition, it is necessary to find an incomprehensible label name that is fully suitable for the special needs of dogs and some nutrients. How to decrypt the ingredient list? In other words, how to read the composition of dog chewable tablets to ensure that the correct product is selected?

special chewable tablets

you may be guided to a specific chewable tablet because of the dog’s age or health problems. Please note that the names “special premium” or “special sterile dog” are not regulated. In other words, it is not clear whether it is accurate except for some reference marks. The only exceptions are growth Croquets for puppies or pregnant or lactating bitches, and Croquets corresponding to adulthood.

ingredient sequence

the list of ingredients readable on the dog croquet bag is arranged in weight order. In other words, the most popular food should come first. Since dogs are carnivores, the first ingredient must be meat, or at least a source of animal protein (or fish). Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. To learn more about the protein quality of

, the proportion of animal protein in dog food is not the only index to remember. Their quality is also important, especially to ensure good amino acid intake. High quality meat is muscle first. The price of tendons, lungs and cartilage is also not very good. Specifically, they are not well absorbed by the dog’s body.

mineral proportion and distribution

we mean minerals, but also ash. The latter corresponds to the true mineral content of mineral derived organic matter carbonized in the dog mallet.

calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals are necessary for many functions of dogs. Therefore, they must be present, but not too much. Otherwise, his kidney and digestive system may be affected.


dog food have an acceptable level of minerals (or rather ash) of no more than 9%, calcium content of 1.5% and phosphorus content of 1.2%. The


lipid is fat, It is also essential for the health of dogs. They provide a variety of functions: providing energy for animals, promoting the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, supporting natural defense and growth, promoting hair and skin health, etc.Not more than 20% except fat. Otherwise, your dog may be stored in fat and overweight.


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carbohydrate is sugar for simplicity. In dogs, the energy provided by carbohydrates is quickly used to serve their bodies. These nutrients include cereals and beans. “The content of carbohydrates in the food of

dogs is estimated to be no more than 35%, because the ancestors of dogs usually extracted only about 12% of carbohydrates from their prey. “

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