3-legged dog and man with amputated leg save each other’s lives

Popsey and John Hopkison were meant for each other. After both losing a limb and going through difficult times, their meeting changed their lives forever.

John Hopkinson , 43, and Popsey both suffered both physical and psychological injuries.

The first lost his leg in 2016 following a serious fall on a construction site. Difficult for him to smile and lead a normal existence since this tragic event.

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An unexpected encounter

John Hopkison heard about Popsey’s story after a chance encounter with Liz Gee , a volunteer with the Pointer Rescue Service, at Salisbury Hospital (England). He knew immediately he had to adopt her, reports Metro .

© Liz Gee

He claimed Popsey will make him get up every day to feed her and take her for walks. It will be a second wind for these 2 bruised souls.

© Liz Gee

John and Popsey leave the past behind

Liz Gee launched in September 2019 an appeal for donations to finance the veterinary costs, as well as the transport of Popsey from Turkey to the United Kingdom.

© Liz Gee

Goal achieved ! Almost £ 1,900 (approx. € 2,200) was raised, making John Hopkison and Popsey ‘s dream come true: to find a loving and understanding friend. They can always count on each other. Man and animal will support each other on a daily basis, in particular to forget the terrible ordeals they have gone through in the past.

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© Liz Gee


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