At 2, she adopts the sick shelter dog she fell in love with (Video)

In the United States , a 2-year-old girl fell under the spell of a Pitbull living in a shelter. Although ill, the canine was able to convince the young girl to adopt him. An adoption that became evident after the first complicit exchanges between the 2.

Although it falls under the category of dangerous dogs, the Pitbull enjoys a bad reputation that is far from deserved. Moreover, it is an ideal dog for families with children. Indeed, its main qualities are softness, delicacy and their irrepressible desire to play . They will therefore be ideal companions for the youngest.

An immediate complicity

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By bringing him back to her kennel , the little girl had only one goal: to adopt Scarlet to have her daily with her, but also to heal her as quickly as possible. The outcome was no less happy. Scarlet is now a bitch in excellent health. She shares her days with a young mistress who couldn’t smile more.


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