12 animals who haven’t yet realized their beauty

Our pets have plenty to turn heads but don’t realize it. As can be seen in these photos.

Dogs and cats are all more beautiful than the next. Just ask an animal lover who knows how to appreciate them all at their true value. Although the latter do not realize it and only have eyes for their owners.

Here are 12 photos of cats and dogs who have no idea how beautiful they are.

1. A Chihuahua bitch who winks when you give her a compliment

2. A superb cat with long wavy whiskers

3. A Golden Retriever who is not impressed by the compliments given to him

4. The bow tie and the little bell of this superb cat suit her complexion.

5. This puppy has well deserved this certificate which attests that he is indeed the most adorable of small dogs

6. A suppleness and elegance as we rarely see

7. The joy of wading in the water all day makes him radiant

8. This cat would melt the hearts of the hardest among us.

9. The booty of a cat who has fulfilled his role of hunter of woolen mice

10. In this veterinary practice, the secretary is a Boxer

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11. For his first boat trip, he needed a life jacket as adorable as his little face.

12. Dipping his paws in water is his little sin


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