Dog rushes into burrow and finds himself trapped under his house overnight

In the United States, a dog found himself trapped at the bottom of a burrow, located under the house of his masters. They called the firefighters, who did it twice, spent hours digging and received help from neighbors to rescue the animal.

Brownie got carried away by his curiosity and found himself at the heart of a mishap that he and his owners would have done well without. This dog had, in fact, to spend the night at the bottom of a burrow before being rescued by the firefighters, as reported by NBC Boston this Sunday, May 23.

The incident took place in Plymouth , in the state of Massachusetts (Northeastern United States). That evening, shortly before 9 p.m., the Yorkshire Terrier handlers called the local fire department, the Plymouth Fire Departmen t, after finding that the animal could no longer emerge from the underground cavity. The latter is located under the house, more precisely under the terrace and the stairs.

Yorkshire Terrier (illustration

His family could clearly hear his barking and crying, but could neither recover nor see him. The duct was too deep and narrow.

As soon as they arrived on the scene, the firefighters began to dig with their bare hands and using a broomstick. At the same time, treats were introduced in a futile attempt to lure the quadruped to the exit. However, they encountered a concrete slab. Faced with this obstacle and because of the darkness, the firefighters decided to suspend their intervention to resume it the next morning.

Saved thanks to a beautiful spontaneous mobilization

On their return, they benefited from the help of people present on the spot. They were probably neighbors and passers-by. Their joint efforts helped save the canine.

Plymouth Fire Department

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Brownie found the open air and his handlers, who then took him to the vet.


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