Naturally Good accessories for eco-responsible dogs and cats

Illustration : "Naturally Good : des accessoires pour chiens et chats éco-responsables" © Naturally Good

With the Naturally Good range, Maxi Zoo offers pet accessories that help preserve our planet in two ways: by using only natural and renewable materials, and by donating part of the sales to a program to fight against global warming.”

As announced last June on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its Academy, Maxi Zoo has launched its Naturally Good range, consisting of accessories for eco-responsible dogs and cats. Nearly 70 references, between baskets, bowls, toys and other leashes and collars, are offered to canine and feline owners wishing to contribute to the preservation of the environment.”

It is also a gesture for the health of pets, since these products are all made from natural and non-harmful materials, in addition to being renewable: cotton from organic farming and ceramics, among others.”

You will be able to offer your dog a comfortable bed or a collar in organic cotton, a toy / fox blanket made of the same material, a soft rope leash or a pretty ceramic bowl.”

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In addition, for each accessory of the Naturally Good range purchased, part of the price is donated to the Plant for the Planet program. This initiative, launched in 2007, aims to encourage young and old, all over the world, to plant trees to participate in the fight against climate change. By taking part in Plant for the Planet, Maxi Zoo has set itself the goal of contributing to the planting of 10,000 trees in one year.”

More info on the Naturally Good website.”

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