10 brave police dogs ready to protect us

Dogs are very effective as members of the police force. As these photos prove to us.

Our dog friends have several strings on their bows. Indeed, they are found as pets but also therapy dogs, rescue, disease detection, or police. The latter are incredibly effective, whatever their specialty: research for narcotics, explosives, weapons, defense, etc.

Here are 10 photos of some of the most gifted police dogs.

1. Born of a dog rescued by the police before becoming a member, Thomas very quickly showed a nature that predestined him to become a surveillance dog.

2. This Cocker Spaniel dog, Chola, is 7 years old. She works in the Spanish police in the detection of illicit substances, but also sometimes as a therapy dog. After work, she comes home with her colleague who is also her owner

3. Mike, the Labrador Retriever, started training when he was 8 months old. After 10 years of good and loyal service in the narcotics brigade, he receives a medal of honor and retires

4. Ryzhiy who uses his sense of smell to ensure the safety of Russian public transport

5. Kiah is a Pitbull bitch who was adopted from a shelter by the New York Police Department. When not looking for illegal substances or missing people, Kiah and her owner speak out about the abuse of the Pitbulls

6. Frida has 12 years of service as a rescue dog in Mexico. She saved many lives, especially during earthquakes

7. Chato is a dog wearing a uniform and constantly accompanying his owner and co-worker. The pair operate in cases of missing persons

8. Jaks is a Belgian Malinois Shepherd who worked for years in the Canadian Ministry of the Environment. He has participated in many ecological campaigns and actions

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9. Dottie’s job is to make UK public transport as safe as possible by detecting dangerous objects and fighting crime.

10. Huesos was rescued by the Argentine police after he had lost an eye. He was part of a troupe whose job it was to put on shows across the country and draw smiles on people’s faces.


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