Abandoned on a bench by his former owner who feared the worst, this dog learns to love again thanks to the love of the one who saved him

It was to save him that a person made the painful decision to abandon his family dog. She left the canine tied to a public bench and a quick note explaining the situation.

In Mexico, a Golden Retriever crossbreed dog was discovered alone and chained to a bench . Local residents tried to free him and help him, but he was terrified and groaned with each attempt to approach. They left him food and water .

Marcela Goldberg and Azul Galindo , who rescue stray animals and take them in at a local shelter , attended the scene as soon as they were informed of the situation.

Initially, the volunteer was unable to approach the dog either. She found a handwritten note next to him. The author of the post explained that the animal’s name was Max and that he had chosen to abandon him because his family was mistreating him . A decision taken reluctantly, but for the good of the poor quadruped.

Marcela Goldberg made a video call to a dog trainer friend who specializes in aggressive dogs. With the help and instructions of the latter, she managed to establish contact with the Golden Retriever crossbreed by proceeding very slowly. She was able to put a leash around his neck and cut the chain that linked him to the public bench.

In the car, Max gradually relaxed thanks to the caresses of Marcela Goldberg . She and her partner took him to the shelter. The vet who examined him estimated his age at 7 months .

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The volunteers are currently studying the requests of the families wishing to adopt him , in order to make the best possible choice for him.


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